Add Yourself to the Player Pool

Attention Managers
The player pool is open to all team managers for player selection until the roster freeze date of 07/01.

Attention Players
Adding yourself to the player pool DOES NOT guarantee you a spot on a team. Managers look at the player pool and contact players that may fit the needs of their team. If you added yourself to the player pool and have not been contacted, you can call or e-mail individual managers. Check out the Manager Directory.


Please fill out this form as detailed as possible. It will be reviewed and posted so that all team managers can review and contact you directly. Your information will be posted publicly. Your information will be posted immediately.

Some helpful info…

Player fees range from $260.00 and up a season, depending on how many players are on a team and how many games in a season. Each team will play around 20-22 games including double-elimination playoff and championship games.

Players please keep in mind that baseball takes time (3 hours), commitment and money to play. If you cannot agree to these three simple things, then this league is not for you. Coaches dedicate all three to put a good team on the field. You need to have the same commitment.

You must be 18 years of age or older by December 31st of the current year to participate.