Max Bats

Order five bats for your team and get a great discount. We have a great deal with MaxBats that include free personalization. Get some guys together to make an order (minimum of 5) - and get awesome discount pricing.

How it Works

In order to take advantage of discounted pricing on MaxBats, a minimum of FIVE (5) must be made per order form. ANYONE can submit an order form as long as this minimum is met. Guidelines below

  1. Order a minimum of FIVE (5) bats using the form below. A great way to start is to talk to your team and get some guys to get together to order some bats.  There is no minimum per person (a teammate can get as many bats as they want) – but remember, the minimum is FIVE.
  2. Once the PDF order form is emailed to, instructions for payment will be emailed to email address on the form.
  3. After you get payment instructions, one person needs to pay with a credit card. Arrangements to collect money from teammates must be made by one person so they can pay for the bats.


If you have questions about the form, email Miguel (

Order Form

To fill out this PDF, download it to your computer and open it in Adobe Acrobat. You can then save it and e-mail it to

Click to download order form

IMPORTANT: This form is NOT fillable in your browser. You must DOWNLOAD it to your computer to fill it out!!